Higher Education in Criminal Justice

College education is often becoming required for police officers prior to entering the police force, one organization that supports this notions is the American Police Association. The APA is a non-profit organization for college educated officers and provides a great deal of useful information for police officers.

The following table is a complete list of universities which offer a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Criminal Justice. Some of the schools which offer a Doctor of Criminology (D.Crim.), or Doctor of Philosopy in Public Administration concentrating in Criminal Justice or Doctor of Philosophy in Sociology concentrating in Criminology are also included.

Most Criminal Justice doctoral programs require GRE scores or LSAT scores to become a doctoral student. Many programs state they require an exam for "candidacy" to the doctoral program, but becoming a doctoral "candidate" is not the same as being a doctoral "student".

Usually one becomes a doctoral candidate after he/she has taken all the required courses, written the first part of the dissertation called a Prospectus, and has passed one or more of the candidacy exams. These exams are, hopefully, the last exams the doctoral student will ever take and after completing all of the above the student earns the right to be called a "doctoral candidate" and have the initials A.B.D. (All But Dissertation) after his/her name. Once the dissertation is finished and successfully defended then the award of Ph.D. is granted.

Institutions offering a Doctor of Philosophy in Criminal Justice:

Rockefeller College
State University of New York at Albany
Arizona State University
Univ. of California-Irvine Claremont Graduate School
University of Cincinnati University of Delaware
Florida State University Indiana University at Bloomington
Indiana University of Pennsylvania John Jay University
City University of New York
University of Maryland Michigan State University
University of Nebraska Penn State University
University of Missouri-St. Louis Portland State University
Rutgers University Sam Houston State University
Temple University Sociology - Criminology
Washington State University
Sociology - Criminology
Louisiana State University
Sociology - Social Deviance
Oklahoma State University
Sociology - Criminology
Ohio State University
Public Administration
Ohio State University, Criminal Justice
Sociology - Criminology
Western Michigan University
University of Cambridge

South Eastern Louisiana's Guide to Graduate School in Criminal Justice.
Schools are broken down by those who offer Ph.Ds and Masters Degrees. This is an excellent resource for those considering higher education in Criminal Justice.

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