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Photo of fallen Calif. rookie LEO sparks controversy on social media

By PoliceOne Staff DAVIS, Calif. — The image of fallen California rookie officer Natalie Corona holding a flag has circulated around social media since her death on Jan. 10. Rich Lau, the photog…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 4:14 pm

5 Texas officers fired following man's death in custody, police say

Kaley Johnson Fort Worth Star-Telegram FORT WORTH, Texas — Five Fort Worth police officers were fired Tuesday for their roles in the death of a man who died in custody. In a statement, police id…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 3:58 pm

How to develop a tactical yoga routine

By Jane Henson, P1 Contributor Tactical Movement for First Responders (TMFR), or tactical yoga, is a movement system specifically designed to help police officers avoid injury on the job and release s…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 1:18 pm

How to stay safe before, during and after a pursuit

Author: Lt. Dan Marcou Technology is a key partner in the ongoing mission to improve officer safety. When you combine tech with proven policing tactics, you have a force multiplier that enhances safet…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 1:03 pm

NH bill would revoke police authority to use deadly force in effecting an arrest

Author: Lt. Dan MarcouBy PoliceOne Staff CONCORD, N.H. — Members of New Hampshire law enforcement are standing up against legislation that would restrict police officer's ability to use deadly f…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 12:50 pm

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Enes Kanter: Turkey 'seeking arrest' of New York Knicks player

Turkish prosecutors are seeking the arrest and extradition of New York Knicks enter Enes Kanter, accusing him pf being a member of an "armed terrorist group". Mr Kanter is accused of ties to Fethulla…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 5:20 pm

Top Senate Democrat opposes AG nominee over concerns about Russia probe

"We do not have the kind of strong and clear commitments to the report being issued and there being no interference in the investigation that are needed, particularly now, with President Trump treatin…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 4:26 pm

Congressional Democrats move to stop U.S. Census citizenship question

Democrats in the U.S. Congress on Wednesday were moving ahead with legislation to prevent the Trump administration from adding a citizenship question to the 2020 Census, following a court decision thi…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 2:57 pm

Plans revealed for a massive atom smasher that dwarfs the Large Hadron Collider

The famous Large Hadron Collider, an insanely massive particle accelerator that's helped scientists crack some of the most deeply hidden mysteries of the universe, is about to be dwarfed by an atom sm…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 1:32 pm

Netflix Price Hike Points to the Changing Math of Cord Cutting

Here's some bad news for those looking forward to the season 3 premiere of “Stranger Things”: The demogorgon isn't the only thing on the rise. Netflix is planning to boost prices for all o…

Posted on 16 January 2019 | 12:47 pm



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